Philadelphia Car Lots Now Let You “Buy Here, Pay Here”

The city of Philadelphia has recently teamed up with used car dealerships in the area to offer customers the option to Buy Here, Pay Here. This is a budget-friendly solution that can help more drivers feel confident while on the road. If you need to upgrade your current vehicle for a newer model car with more safety features, fewer miles, and better miles per gallon, you should consider looking into the options for Buy Here, Pay Here Philadelphia car dealers have to offer. You can find out more information about the Buy Here Pay Here car dealerships in the Philadelphia area by visiting

Do Your Own Research Before Going Used Car Shopping

buy here pay here Philadelphia

Philadelphia is one of the best places in the state of Pennsylvania to shop for a used car. There are hundreds of pre-owned cars available that have been well taken care of and would make a reliable car for any driver for many years to come. Before shopping around for a car, it is best to do some research and find out what type of vehicle would be best for you. Once you decide on the make and model, you can begin looking for a local car dealership that has the car you want in their inventory. Be sure to ask plenty of questions before you make a deal, and if you are not knowledgeable when it comes to auto mechanics, you should take along a friend or relative who is so that they can spot any issues with the car that you may overlook.

With Buy Here Pay Here Philadelphia Drivers Can Purchase A Car for Less

The Buy Here, Pay Here option is one of the best ways to purchase a car especially if you have a tight budget to work with. If you need more information on the dealerships in Philadelphia that offer this type of payment plan, you can contact Prescott Financial. They are an auto loan provider that also provides information on additional ways to get the vehicle that you want. They currently have a listing of Philadelphia used car dealerships who participate in Buy Here, Pay Here payment plans. You can take advantage of an exceptional deal when you purchase your used car from Labate Auto Sales on East Roosevelt Boulevard, Millevoi Brothers Auto Sales & Service on Byberry Road, and Auto Maxx Motors Inc on Torresdale Avenue. Let the experts at help you find the best way to get into a pre-owned vehicle today for less.

How to Get Favorable Car Loan Terms

For any transaction that you make, it isn’t uncommon for it to seem like you are not getting the best end of the bargain. Many companies make transactions seem like they are the ones benefiting more than the buyer is. This can be especially troubling, particularly when you are dealing with big item purchases like a car. Car dealerships are prone to selling you a car on solely their terms. The good news is that you have the ability to ensure that the transaction is also in your favor as much as possible. Below is an overview of how to make car loan terms work for you and not for the seller.


car loan terms

For many buyers, negotiation isn’t easy and it doesn’t come naturally. But this does not mean that you shouldn’t try to negotiate with the dealer. Negotiating with the dealer can help make the loan terms better for you. A few tactics that you can employ are thoroughly researching the vehicle, maintain an air of confidence, and show the dealer that you aren’t pressured to buy a car. In addition, let the dealer know that you are looking into other options and dealerships. When you use this tactic, you gain the upper hand because the dealership wants your business. The golden rule is to not give in and stand your ground. If you need a certain term, then make it known that you will not purchase the car without that term or a slight variation of that term.

Review the Contract Thoroughly

The next tip to getting a favorable car loan is to review the contract very well. While this may seem like a long and daunting task, it can be very rewarding because you will be very likely to catch clauses that do not work in your favor. When you find something that you do not agree with, make it known to the loan officer and try to negotiate with them on changing the term. If it isn’t negotiable, then you can always find another point to discuss. In addition, when reviewing the contract you should also make sure that your terms are included exactly as you specified. Sometimes issues can occur and your terms may not find their way into the contract like they should.

The next time you purchase a car, make sure that you negotiate and review your contract with the loan company. These steps are bound to help you buy a car in a manner that is favorable to you.

Laws that Stop Philadelphia Lenders from Ripping You Off

The law is an extremely powerful tool that works to protect you and your property. When you take out a loan, the law recognizes that there may be unjust business practices taking place that put the individual taking out a loan at a disadvantage. To protect this sect of people, which is most of the U.S. economy, states have created a set of laws. One state with especially strict laws is the state of Philadelphia. Before the following loans were enacted, Philadelphia lenders have been known to use unfair business practices to put customers at a disadvantage.

Predatory Lending Can be Reported

Before knowing your remedies you should know what constitutes wrongful lending practices. The state of Philadelphia outlines what is known as “predatory lending.” Predatory lending is a practice that includes “fraudulent, deceptive, and unfair tactics” to provide loans for people that cannot afford them. Essentially, you are being given a loan that puts you at an extreme financial disadvantage through fraudulent and deceptive tactics on behalf of the lender. Predatory lenders operate under the assumptions that as a consumer, you aren’t educated about your loan options, you don’t read contracts, you don’t ask questions, you are unaware of your credit rating, and you fail to notice high fees that are incurred. If you do find yourself subject to predatory lending, you can contact Philadelphia state authorities and have the lending business investigated and prosecuted.

Lemon Laws

Every state has what is known as a “lemon law.” A lemon law’s purpose is to protect consumers in the situation that they purchase a faulty vehicle and are financially burdened by that vehicle and the corresponding loans. Sometimes, both dealerships and lenders will work together to engage in this fraudulent business practice, thus leaving you extremely financially burdened. To remedy this problem, state laws require that the defects be rectified or that the car salesman provides you with the financial compensation that you deserve. Just make sure that if you plan on invoking legal action, then you want to have the proper documentation, proof that you were subject to unfair sales tactics and lending practices, and any repair statements that you may have. Taking these steps can ensure that your issue is given the proper attention it deserves and that you also receive the compensation that is rightly due to you as a buyer.


Car Financing Doesn’t Have to Be a War with the Dealer

These days, car dealerships are becoming more and more inflexible when it comes to financing. The most common problems that usually arise are incompatible terms, unfair conditions for the buyer, and high interest rates. These types of issues make it more difficult for you to get the loan that you need for the car that you want to buy. There is a solution though, and that is rather than dealing with the dealer, you can consider other loan options that are offered by financial firms in your area. Below are reasons how an alternative financial firm can help you secure the car you want and the funding that you need.

Flexible Terms

The first way that an alternative loan lender helps you get the car financing that you need is that the terms that are offered are extremely flexible. There are loan companies out there that really do try to work with you to set up an easy repayment schedule that works for your financial needs. The best way to achieve the most flexible terms possible is to be open with the lender and to discuss your expectations in terms of the loan. Remember, loan companies want their payments, and to get them they are willing to accommodate you in many cases.

car financing

Easy Payments

The next way that alternative lenders help you is that the payments are usually at very low interest rates, which makes them easy to make. Low interest rates are important when choosing a loan option because they lead to lower repayments per month and they also lessen your financial burden. Discuss the interest rate with the lender before you take out the loan and review whether the rate is set to go up after a certain period. The more questions you ask, the higher the chance that you will make the loan work in your favor.

Buying Your Car

Lastly, other lenders also know that you are busy, which is why there are some out there that have short loan applications and an very quick reply period. This way, you can fill out what you need and get the car you want in no time at all. These types of lenders also work with individuals with low credit scores or no credit scores at all. However, you usually do need to show proof of employment to ensure that you can repay your loan. Essentially, you shouldn’t struggle to have to buy a car and you shouldn’t need to deal with a terrible dealer. Knowing your options in terms of lender is what can lead to you quick resolution and success the next time you buy a car.

The Most Popular Cars in Philadelphia

There is more than one way to determine how you should measure a car’s popularity. When trying to figure out what the most popular cars in Philadelphia the obvious choice is to go with the most traditional method, which is to analyze a car type’s monthly and annual sales.

What is Driving in Philadelphia Like?

Many Philadelphia natives know that Philadelphia isn’t the ideal place for driving. You can encounter tons of issues when driving in Philadelphia like:

cars in Philadelphia

  • Potholes that can damage your car. Potholes happen everywhere and occur when the ground has been worn away usually by water. These holes can damage your tires as well as your car if you drive over them too fast.
  • Cyclists that refuse to stay in their own lane. We all know that bicycle riders have access to the roads as well but without turn signals it can be quite dangerous with them on the road so the best car will be one that can respond quickly in case any accidents occur.
  • Pedestrians who don’t cross the street correctly. Brakes will be a necessity in Philadelphia especially when a pedestrian decides to ignore the crossing signal and risk crossing the street with oncoming traffic.
  • Extreme gas prices. A car with high gas mileage is a godsend in Philadelphia.

Most Popular Cars in Philadelphia

Because of the various things you could encounter driving in Philadelphia it is ideal that you pick a car that can handle all of these issues and still make you happy to drive around. Here are some of the most popular cars Philadelphia drivers purchase:

  • The Chevrolet Corvette
    One of the most popular sports car this car is both powerful and fast.
  • The Chevrolet Camaro
    One of the more affordable luxury cars, the Camaro gets great gas mileage and is made out of some of the hardest, most durable material on the market.
  • The Nissan Maxima
    A four-door sports car that comes with a V6 engine that gets 26 miles per gallon on the highway. It is both powerful and gas efficient.
  • The Mercedes E-Class
    An affordable luxury car that can be sold as a sedan, coupe and wagon.

If you are looking for your next car purchase and trying to decide which cars are best for driving around in Philadelphia then look no further than these popular cars. Okay, you can look at other cars as well but any one of these options will be great for handling anything that is thrown your way.